Railway fuse


  • for protection of railway installations
  • for protection of high voltage switchgear


ETI’s Railway Fuses successfully combine two usually conflicting fuse requirements:

  • low operating joule integral, necessary for the protection of semiconductors,

  • low power dissipation, allowing for lower energy losses and thus lower operating costs following the latest ecological trends.

These unique technical characteristics are achieved by a completely new design of the ceramic body , a special construction developed on the basis of long standing expert knowledge, which allows for significantly better cooling of the fuse.

The operation of fuses is especially adapted for railway applications, as they have improved resistance to current cyclic loading, a phenomenon that causes unnecessary fuse operating in these applications. This way, ETI’s Railway Fuses help decrease downtime significantly, leading to further cost savings and improved efficiency.

The melting element inside Railway Fuses is made of silver, which makes them highly insensitive to ageing processes.

ETI Railway fuse-links ensure short circuit protection from minimum breaking capacity (5 x In) up to maximum breaking capacity 30kA d.c. at time constant 15ms.

Protection of DC link and semiconductor devices (diodes, thyristors, GTO) in railway inverters.

ETI Railway Fuses comply with the IEC 60269-4 and IEC 60077-5 standards.