Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent Protection

ETI is introducing the only RCBO with 18 mm width, 6kA short circuit capacity, switched neutral line and trip toggle position in the world

Recommended for use in installations with high level of additional protection required (bathrooms, hospitals, kindergartens etc).

Used for fault and additional protection:
  • Combining the features of miniature circuit breaker
  • residual current circuit breaker
  • Added protection against pulsating DC fault current
  • Version with operating temperature down to -35 degree C also available
  • 1-module housing (18 mm), with switched neutral line
  • Functionally dependent on line voltage, minimum supply voltage 90V
  • Real contact position indication for easier identification, whether RCBO is in ON or OFF position
  • Energy limiting class 3: highest energy limiting performance for optimal protection of cable insulation and maximally reducing risk of fire and other damage
  • In case of overcurrent or differential current, the button moves to the “trip” (middle) position. In case of manual turn off, the button moves to the “off” (lowest) position
  • All necessary technical and installation information can be found on the front and side of the device
  • The terminals accept not only wires but also time saving busbars
  • Advanced method of mounting enables an easy removal of single RCBO without disconnecting other units from the busbar